Foundation of Expressive Photography - eCourse with Julie McCarter, LCSW

a four-week journey with


creative voice


In this course, you'll develop your own practice of expressive photography that will be both deeply enriching and life-balancing. Expect to spark your creativity in new ways and find exciting sources for personal inspiration.

We will not only explore visual tools for expression, but also topics that foster creativity such as self-compassion and mindfulness. Get ready to explore new ways of being, seeing and expressing. All you need to begin is smartphone/camera and a desire to explore your creative voice.

What you'll Receive in this E-Course

Each week, a new lesson will be delivered with:

  • Video Tutorials:  Julie walks you through each lesson with short tutorials.

  • Photo Assignments: Delivered in easy to follow PDF's, so you can complete the assignments anytime.

  • Guided Mindfulness Practices: Short audio practices to build your mindfulness skills and enhance your experience with each photo assignment.

  • A private facebook group (optional) to share your images, reflect on the weekly topics and build community. Julie will also offer periodic zoom check-in calls for questions and sharing live online.

  • Course will be available online with anytime access for 3 months (and assignments are available for download).

About Julie: Julie is a professional photographer and therapist who is passionate about teaching expressive photography, accompanied by wellness tools that enhance creativity. Her fine art photography portfolio can be viewed at

Our next round of the course begins on June 14th

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What other’s have said about working with Julie :

“Julie’s eCourse is a gentle, insightful exploration of one’s visual voice. The themes of the lessons encourage us to explore our creative process, including inner and outer sources of inspiration. Self-compassion and mindfulness are a beautiful part of each lesson, and it carries over into the online group as we supportively share together. This course is a journey that will enrich anyone’s creative eye and spirit. “ - Marian

"I took Julie's Expressive Photography + Mindfulness workshop and absolutely loved it, as I am consciously working on being more mindful on a daily basis. At the end of the workshop I was left with a collection of beautiful photos that told a meaningful story. Julie has a special gift of inspiring others while being able to communicate her message in an easy-to-understand and calm manner. Everything she teaches is GOLD!" - Ali

"I attended one of Julie's workshops as an emerging photographer and seeker of more balance in life.  The workshop not only enriched my own creative work, but also left me with a deeper understanding and acceptance of my personal journey. Learning how to intentionally be more mindful enabled me to achieve more peace with what is, immerse myself more into the moment and achieve a sense of greater clarity.  - Elke