Expressive Photography & Mindfulness

Spring Workshop:  April 15, 2018

 Place: Downtown Leesburg

Workshop Fee: $135

Sliding scale available.

In this workshop, you will discover a practice of expressive photography that will deepen your relationship with yourself and enhance the way you experience the world around you.

You'll learn to create images that are infused with personal meaning and that become something of their own - a bit of alchemy. Through a series of photographic exercises incorporating mindfulness, you will be guided to allow your intuition, emotion and presence guide your photographic eye. You will also learn essential tools for quieting self-criticism and cultivating self-compassion. This will be an afternoon of refreshing inspiration, gentle self-reflection and creative fun.

  • No prior photography experience necessary
  • A digital camera or a cell phone camera are required.

About Julie: Julie is a professional photographer and a licensed therapist who is passionate about teaching how expressive photography can be used as a tool for personal growth, balanced living  and expanded creativity. Her photographic portfolio can be viewed at

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